About Geetarts

I believe anything associated with creativity and talent can become a beautiful artform. Every artist is unique on their own terms. One can always try out their hand at painting, singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, interior designing  and lot more, creativity is the limit and become an artist. This blog gives me platform to share my artwork with fellow artists and friends.

I always feel very happy when I look at kids’ art and paintings. The innocence and colors in their art work give happiness and peace to the mind and relief from stress. My another goal on this blog is to bring art work of the kids of different ages and share with you all.


4 thoughts on “About Geetarts

  1. 5 Star Work! You’ve got what it takes. I always knew your potential…..I bet there’s more to come….keep up the excellent work…One day I’ll start a franchise in Dallas with your blessings 🙂

  2. Geeta,
    Congratulations on bringing out such great works from the kids. You certainly deserve kudos. Hope your entries will be picked ….

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