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I am a technical manager by profession and artist by hobby. My journey to art has started with my first oil painting in 1995.This painting not only unleashed my artistic talent but also gave me a path to build my childhood interest into passion.  Since then I kept this passion alive by creating own art work using different media and teaching kids at my own art school. I find greatest joy in painting and get utmost satisfaction by sharing the essence, happiness of painting and spark the imagination in kids. I get inspired by an artwork which touches my heart with a great feeling of joy every time I see.

Art Skills and Techniques:

Oil Painting on canvas, clay molding on canvas, portraits, mixed media includes cloth molding,  gems and other material that brings 3d effect to the paintings. Creative design drawing and coloring using deco colors, acrylics.

My Style and Interest

I believe anything associated with creativity and talent can become a beautiful art-form. I like to paint on a subject that is close to the nature or depicts beauty of an object, person, scenery or a theme. I usually like to bring an interesting element to the painting by using mixed media including cloth, gems or other material that enhances the painting. I focus on the subject, color and design interact with the paintings environment and surrounding ambiance.

I enjoy molding the clay on canvas that brings 3D effect and using oils on canvas is my favorite medium to work with.

Early stages of my artistic career I started painting with minimal or no instructional guidance. Later, I learnt different techniques from various skilled local artists in India and U.S.A.


  • Teaching

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” (Pablo Picasso). I always feel very happy when I look at kids’ artwork. The innocence and colors in their art gives happiness and peace to the mind and relief from stress.

Geetarts art classes is a platform that gives children an opportunity to learn art and unleash their artistic skills with a focus on learning technique, bringing out the creativity through imagination and enhance presentation skills.

  • Volunteering 

I find happiness in serving the community by spreading the essence and knowledge of art. For over 5 years, I have been volunteering as an art coordinator conducting art workshops, judging and organizing art competitions for non-profit organization ‘Bighelp for Education’ that help under-privileged kids in India to pursue their dreams in education. I am also a co-founder of ‘Kalakruti – Artists association from Indian origin’. I actively participate and contribute to the non-profit organizations through exhibiting and selling art.

Contact Information

Email: | Phone No: 781 366 2053

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