Doodle 4 Google Competitions 2012

This is the second year Geetarts Students participated in Doodle 4 Google 2012 competition. This is the contest where google invites students in US to use their artistic skills to think big and redesign google logo around a theme. This year’s theme was ‘ If I could travel in time, I’d visit…’. This theme was quite challenging to express the past, present and future in a 6 letter google logo. Geetart students took this challenge with great enthusiasium and were successful in bringing out their creative imaginations in very impressive way.  Way to go my students and I always have pride in your artistic skills… Check out their work in the presentation and enjoy various creative ideas…

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BigHelp Pongal and Republic Day Art Competitions -Geetarts Students Artwork and Winning Entries

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Google 4 Doodle Competition

Google 4 Doodle is a competition conducted by google at national level every year to bring out kids creativity and artistic talents by designing their logo in a imaginative and expressive way based on a unique theme. This year theme was ” What I’d like to do Someday.……”

When I came to know about this competition, I felt it is an unique opportunity for me and my students to bring out our imagination, ideas, creativity, talent and immerse ourselves in the world of art in our own way.It was a overwhelming journey and hardwork for tens of hours each week.

I am very happy and proud that all the kids did a amazing  job and were patient to follow thru and work for hours to complete their project beyond expectations. Here are artworks….feast for eyes, heart and artistic mind.

“Go to Mars” by Jahnavi Allam(7th Grade)


” Stop Global Warming: Save Environment” by Neha Potturu(8th Grade)

“Build a Path to a Better World” by Niharika Kareddy(9th Grade)

“Save the Coral Reef” by Nithin Lankipalle(6th Grade)

“Bring Life to Other Planets” by Vishal Bhimarashetty(6th Grade)

“Create a Video Game” by Prathik Jakkaraju(8th Grade)

“Help Senior Citizens” by Rithik Alluri(4th Grade)

“Collect Coins Around the World” by Rohan Bommaraju(1st Grade)

“Build a Magic Wand” by Sumedha Vemparala(4th Grade)

“Build a Entertainment Park as Lego Architect” By Ujwal Bhimarashetty(2nd Grade)

“Illustrate a Children’s Book” by Varshita Jakkaraju(5th Grade)

“Invent Go Green Technology” by Vikramaditya Ponnaganti(6th Grade)

“Create History as US Woman President” by Praharshita Allam (4th Grade)

To be a Musician by Nishanth Potturu(3rd Grade)

“To be a Musician” by Nishanth Potturu(3rd Grade)

About Geetarts

I believe anything associated with creativity and talent can become a beautiful artform. Every artist is unique on their own terms. One can always try out their hand at painting, singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, interior designing  and lot more, creativity is the limit and become an artist. This blog gives me platform to share my artwork with fellow artists and friends.

I always feel very happy when I look at kids’ art and paintings. The innocence and colors in their art work give happiness and peace to the mind and relief from stress. My another goal on this blog is to bring art work of the kids of different ages and share with you all.